The first time you heard about a “Day After” session might have been when reading through our wedding packages, and noticing that we offer it in our “Add On” section. While in some ways the sky is the limit with what a “Day After” session could include, we wanted to provide some of our own thoughts on how a couple could take advantage of a session like this and fall in love all over again after their wedding day comes and goes.

Day After sessions have become increasingly popular around the world for couples looking to get back into the wedding mindset – but without the stress of planning a big event. When we got married ourselves, one thing we noticed was, while the day was beautiful and memorable, it went by quickly. We ended up doing a Day After shoot ourselves not long after our wedding, where we took an early morning hike to the top of Hawk Mountain with both of us back in our wedding garb. Which ladies, who wouldn’t want to put back on their dream dress and go on an adventure!?

So let’s look at some key things to think about when it comes to your own “Day After” session.



We admit, the name “Day After” can sound a bit intimidating. After all, most people don’t want to immediately run out the next morning and have their photos taken (again) right after their wedding day. But if you’re up to it – more power to ya! Admittedly, you’d probably prefer sleeping in, waffles, and lounging around on the couch – or running to the airport to fly away to some sweet honeymoon location.

When it comes to the scheduling of the “Day After” session, we leave it open to you. If for some reason you really wanted to do it the actual day after, that’s cool with us (so long as our schedule would allow). In general, we aim to schedule these sessions within a year from your wedding day.


One thing we feel strongly about when it comes to photography is that it can be a larger experience than “just having your photos taken”. For many of our couples, having photos taken can be a unique experience (sort of like a different type of date night – like going to play lazer tag instead of going to the movie theater)…and a really powerful one as we challenge our couples to really connect with each other to show real and authentic emotions. Of course, nothing is ever mandatory, but as you will see in many of our shoots with couples in our portfolio, some of the best images come from moments when couples can open up to each other and express their love or even just be silly together. Whether that means a deep kiss in the woods or an uncontainable laugh at a coffee shop, it’s up to you!!

Where Engagement Sessions function to document the pre-wedding you, and the wedding day is…well…your wedding day, the “Day After” session is setup to show that new part of you – the part that continues to grow from being married to the one you love. As such, we aim to document the post-wedding you so you can really have documented all these valuable and beautiful milestones in life in one seamless and organic way.

The “Day After” session, then, really does a lot to help culminate your journey by using photography as a tool to document your life together in a way that goes beyond what is usually expected of to-be-married-and-actually-married couples.


We like to think that the “Day After” session can really be whatever you want to make of it. For some, it might just be really simple – getting dressed in casual clothes and going somewhere familiar for some extra photos. For others, it might be more sentimental, and you may want to specifically relive some wedding day memories. We have a bunch of other ideas for making the experience all the more unique if that is what you are after, too! A few ways we see a “Day After” sessions unfolding:

  • You and your partner decide to put on your wedding day attire (suit + dress), and go somewhere new and beautiful for a sunrise or sunset photo shoot.
  • Sticking closely to the wedding theme, wear wedding day attire and let us work together to create something more artistically flared by using “natural” props like flower crowns, smoke bombs, or even get some light painted images in the dark.
  • Return to your wedding venue, and take some more photos there.
  • Have a more laid back shoot in your home (minus the wedding attire), where maybe your “Day After” the wedding consists more of lounging around in pajamas watching Netflix.
  • Be adventurous and travel out of state, or even out of country, for a shoot in a totally different landscape. Ever dreamed of pictures on an epic mountain top in your wedding attire or walking hand-in-hand along the beach at sunset?
  • You can even treat it as a One Year Anniversary celebration! The sky is literally the limit and we want to help paint your visions into reality!

At it’s core, your “Day After” session should be a reflection of you and your growing love together.


We sure do. You can check out pricing of our “Day After” and other types of Couples sessions on our pricing page. Do keep in mind that the prices you see are the starting costs, and could be increased depending on travel distance, admission fees (if applicable), and cost for some more expensive, session specific props. Which are all things we will chat about!

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