In the life of every person there is a very important moment, as a marriage proposal. You always want to make this evening unforgettable and romantic. There are so many ways to best make a proposal. The most important thing is to build it on your preferences and wishes. Each girl is special and unique and it is important to know about her preferences, this will greatly help in choosing a place for the proposal. It is important to go away from yourself, be as original as possible and not suppress feelings of excitement, because this is normal. 

The proposal can be made in different ways, first you need to decide on the venue. How exactly would you like to do this, extreme, romantic, surprise, or maybe in a noisy crowd at a disco or at a concert. Later you can think about how to make the proposal unforgettable. If your girlfriend is a romantic, then you can have an unforgettable evening on the roof of a skyscraper, order live music, light many candles, buy beautiful flowers, cook dinner, stylishly prepare a place for this beautiful evening. If you want to add some kind of extreme on this day, then you can arrange a quest on various topics, you can also invite her to the airport and make a joint parachute jump. Firstly, it will be quite unexpected, and secondly, when you make her an offer, it will be unforgettable. This method is much more extreme than the quest, the main thing during the fall is not to forget to tell her the main words.

If these ideas do not spark you, then the next option is right for you. Ask your friends to help you with this. Let her friend one day invite her to sit in some cozy place with a cup of coffee. In the meantime, ten of your most faithful friends will come to the window where your girlfriend is sitting and hold a poster where compliments are written for her. She will be surprised and will not understand what is the matter, because the relaxed atmosphere and there is so much attention to her. The next step, when she accepts the full number of compliments addressed to her, your task is to go out with a large poster and a bouquet of flowers that says: “Will you marry me?” This method works 100%.

If your girlfriend is very active and loves music very much, it is worth taking into account and taking advantage of this. Find out what is her favorite group, buy tickets for their concert and talk with the group manager, they often hear about such intrigues as a proposal right at the concert and in most cases support this idea. Most of the work has been done. Just imagine, a concert is being played, and then suddenly you go on stage and call her to you, after which you make an offer of a hand and a heart, give flowers and the whole room splashes, it’s light, glare, screams, it will be unforgettable for both of you. Don’t forget to invite proposal photographer though. You can do the same, just do it all at the cinema. The film begins, everyone lurks and somewhere at the end of the viewing a loud announcement sounds and then your way out. She certainly does not expect this. 

Often, in order to make an offer, you can plan some kind of romantic trip.

Perhaps it will be an island somewhere near the sea or ocean.

Traveling is more than just a romantic evening, besides you will have time to look around and find the most beautiful and original place where you could make a proposal to your second half. The proposal is a very serious step and you need to prepare for it. It’s always quite exciting, so if you don’t get ready everything can go wrong. It is also worth considering that sometimes there are force majeure, everyone is not always ready for this and it is very confusing for some, but remember that there are different things, the main thing is that your intentions are clean, well thought out and from the bottom of your heart.

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