If you want to use services of devops companies, you should first understand all the advantages and disadvantages of this methodology. In this article, we will discuss the main features that you should be aware of.

Advantages of devops

By standardizing and automating development and implementation processes, DevOps offers the following benefits in software release management:

  1. events, documented management processes and detailed reports are easy to track;
  2. developers have more control over the environment, giving the infrastructure a more applied understanding of the product and its operation processes;
  3. a significant reduction in time to market through a seamless development and deployment cycle;
  4. improved customer satisfaction;
  5. improved product quality and reliability;
  6. increased productivity and efficiency;
  7. rapid response and high speed of experiments;
  8. expanding developer competencies and responsibilities – programmers are involved in server setup and bug finding, writing automated tests, smoothing out possible infrastructure vulnerabilities in the code. This reduces the number of errors during application deployment by about 5 times.

Criticisms and disadvantages of DevOps

With all the advantages of this approach, the following disadvantages can be highlighted:

  • Cycle incompleteness – important stages of software life, such as requirements development and analysis, as well as architecture design, remain overboard the Devops processes. It is also possible to miss manual testing, which may be critical in some cases. For example, if developers have not analyzed the requirements properly enough and tested the product from the point of view of “ideal” code rather than from the point of view of users, the result may be inconvenient to use.
  • Insufficient professionalism of the participants, who understand everything (development, testing, deployment, support), but superficially.
  • High management load – if developers and operators have no common goals, it is the fault of managers who did not organize effective interaction between teams of different specialists. To solve this problem, a new manager evaluation system based on feedback from subordinates is needed.

In which cases these shortcomings become especially critical and why DevOps is not suitable for everyone and not always, you can find it in other materials. However, you should understand that more often than not, modern DevOps methodology can be your ideal solution that will bring quality results.

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